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Meet the Dancers

Heartland Highland was founded in 2015 in Kansas City. We are a Highland dance group of highly accomplished, premier (professional) Scottish highland dancers. We have all competed internationally in Scotland, Canada and the United States. Since forming Heartland Highland, our goal of maintaining our social connections with fellow dancers, while preserving the art form of Scottish Highland dance, keeps us energized to share our cultural heritage with Kansas City and the heartland. We love to work with other musicians and artists in the Scottish tradition and aim to infuse our choreographies with traditional Scottish elements of highland dance in a fun and innovative way.  

Useful Links

Want to learn Scottish dancing? For lesson information go to our "Dance School" page to sign up! 


Visit the KC St. Andrew Highland Dancers page for information about their free community practices :

For information about bagpiping and drumming contact the KC St. Andrew Pipes and Drums:

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